Manage Visitors & Work From One Screen

Not every piece of work requires a permit. Visitor & Work Management allows you to manage all site visitors and contractors from one screen. The system can identify if the person will be performing work and in the cases they are it will specific safety and approval requirements that need to be met.



Central Booking Platform

All visitors & contractors viewable from one place.



Print a Badge

On arrival have a visitor badge waiting for the visitor. 


Recurring Appointment-100.png

Recurring Visitors

Quickly and safely bring recurring visitors back on site.

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Traffic Light Status

See at a glance who is on site, due soon and off site.



Location Based Approval

Specify that access to specific locations require approval.



Visitor Calendar

View all visitors scheduled on one screen.


Map & Driving Directions

Each visitor automatically receives map and directions.



Identify Work Taking Place

If visitor is performing work, identify to relevant on-site personnel.


Record Keeping

Know who, why and when each person was on site.


Once visitors are booked into SafePermit, they instantly receive an email welcoming them to the site. This email contains confirmation of their visit time, who they will be meeting, how they get to the site, satellite navigation coordinates for their GPS or smartphone, and other site information. The email includes as an attachment a map and driving directions to the site, which can be printed or opened with a smartphone. Using SafePermit to book visitors saves time for both host and visitor, and enables visitors to arrive at your site without delay or stress.


Because visitor details are entered into the system before arrival, security or reception have advance notice of a visitor’s arrival, thus enabling them to have a badge printed and ready. The host is automatically notified by email when the visitor arrives.


OneLook SafePermit streamlines the process of bringing visitors on site and projects an efficient image of your company to the outside world.



Project Implementation Team

Every customer of our software has a full OneLook Systems project team to plan, support and work with the customer and in-house team to ensure a successful software implementation.




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