OneLook Systems have been working closely with airports for the past 10 years, helping them to manage their contracted workforce, keep workers safe, see all work taking place on site at the airport, and planning and implementing change.

By their very nature, airports will always have extremely high volumes of footfall. Take London Heathrow as being a top example, they catered for almost 80 million passengers in 2017, with most major airports worldwide dealing with tens of millions of people passing through their doors each year.


With this high traffic comes plenty of challenges, and managing such issues takes experience and co-ordination between many different departments. A common problem that we have seen with clients has been relating to permitting and contractor management. Specifically, clients having poor visibility of what work was happening on site at the airport, and being unsure what jobs were happening and where at all times. Further to that, airports operating paper-based permit to work systems had some shortcomings, including permits not being filled out correctly or in some cases not being closed properly.

safepermit map.png

Permit To Work System For Airports

Just some of the benefits of SafePermit for airports include:

  • Enables users to see what work is happening on site and enables them to see what permits are being closed out and if they are being closed on time.
  • Ability to access the system from anywhere in the airport, on any device.
  • Different requests can go to different approvers. (EG. Landside permit requests can go to one person for approval and airside permit requests might go to a different person to be approved.)

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Contractor Management System For Airports

With OneLook Systems Contractor Portal module, the client is able to push back the administration work regarding the contractors qualifications to the contractor.

In the instance where permits are rejected, contractors can see the reason why and have the ability to change and resubmit their details.

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