Change is Constant

Managing change is easy with the Management of Change module from OneLook Systems. The electronic system helps our clients streamline the process for recording and electronically managing the change control process. The system can be fully customised to replicate existing change control processes used on site. The module allows the tracking, approval and reporting of all outstanding change controls. The system can be used to manage any change controls used on site including process change, control system change, land & building or pressure system change. Furthermore, removal of paper inefficiencies that currently exist within your paper process and replace them with collaborative online workflow-based screens. This allows users to submit major or minor change requests and push associated tasks for approval and closure.

With Management of Change all stakeholders can see the change, the action tasks that have been assigned and the overall approval status of the proposed change.


As the MOC is electronically filled out, the system can automatically assign mandatory approvers and create tasks to be completed on specific questions with selected task owners.

Once an MOC is submitted, a notification email is sent to the approver/supervisor. The approver/supervisor can log in to the MOC system and review all details about the requested MOC change request and the assigned tasks including:

  • Location information
  • Required compliance or safety considerations
  • Electrical, pressure valve systems
  • Training Materials
  • Any other consideration pertinent to the change request


What Makes Us The Software Company People Love To Work With?


Project Implementation Team

Every customer of our software has a full OneLook Systems project team to plan, support and work with the customer and in-house team to ensure a successful software implementation.

Delivering efficiency, compliance and safety

We streamline processes in a centralized electronic system facilitating access to associated business intelligence and reporting enabling you to identify risk and hazards, ensure compliance as well as easily identify opportunities for business efficiency improvements.

Experienced with a proven track record

10 years experience in delivering solutions to some of the biggest companies worldwide.


We understand the needs of our customers

The idea to start OneLook Systems was born after the company's founders noticed there was often a line outside the facilities managers office of the pharma company where they worked. Using the 5 Principles of Lean, they designed a software system to address this problem.

We treat the customer right

We have never been interested in “quick wins” and have always maintained to work hard to develop relationships with our clients.

A system that is easy to use

One of the key features of our software is that it is configurable and easy to use for every level of computer user.