Change is Constant

Managing change is easy with the Management of Change module from OneLook Systems. The electronic system is designed to seamlessly fit to your existing processes and SOP's. 



Pick Between Major and Minor

Configure workflow and approvals based on the impact of the proposed change.



Collect Approvals and Feedback

See at a glance who has reviewed the proposed change and their feedback.


Assign Approval Requirements

Set approvals required by default and those required for specific changes.




Quickly see who has reviewed, each action status and the overall change status.



Add Actions

Assign actions to specific personnel involved in the change management process.



Full Compliance

Assurance that all changes have been approved in a standardised compliant 


With Management of Change all stakeholders can see the change, the action tasks that have been assigned and the overall approval status of the proposed change.





Project Implementation Team

Every customer of our software has a full OneLook Systems project team to plan, support and work with the customer and in-house team to ensure a successful software implementation.



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