OneLook Systems works closely with food and beverage manufacturers to ensure the solutions help each site stay compliant with corporate standards while making safety easier for each site. 

A key requirement for many food and beverage manufacturers is to ensure that permit to work requirements are being adhered to, whilst having real-time control and visibility including predicting risk. OneLook Systems provide a solution
which improves efficiency, compliance and safety. Furthermore, it can resolve contractor management challenges, providing online screens to submit permit to work documentation in advance from any internet based device.

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Permit To Work System For Food & Beverage Manufacturers

Just some of the benefits of SafePermit include:

  • Streamlining PTW approvals whilst constantly improving your safety process.
  • Greatly enhance compliance by enforcing specific procedures per task / location, site.
  • Risk prediction using conflict management features.
  • Saving time with managing resources and issuing document / permits by using templates.
  • Ease of Use.

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Contractor Management System For Food & Beverage Manufacturers

With OneLook Systems Contractor Portal module, the client is able to push back the administration work regarding the contractors qualifications to the contractor.

Some additional features of Contractor Portal include:

  • Real-time control and visibility / status of contractors qualifications and permits.
  • Monitoring of records quickly retrievable for auditing purposes.
  • Enforcing permit closure and notification.

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